Corona Del Mar | Wedding Vibes

Weddings should be stress free. No bickering, getting mad at relatives for being late, or not being appreciative of perhaps the biggest day of your life. Thankfully, Zac and Chelsea's wedding was in fact stress free.

Theres not much to complain about when you are getting married on the gorgeous white sand beaches in Corona Del Mar, perhaps the nicest beach in all of Southern California. A close group of friends and family got together to celebrate the love of Zac and Chelsea whos personalities resembled what kind of wedding this would be; care free and joyful. As the couple said their vows, in front of the crashing waves and sunset it brought not only us to tears but all those attending. 

Nothing against a traditional wedding, but the ease and simplicity of Zac and Chelseas wedding should stand as a staple to not over due it. Find joy in the day and be happy you chose to spend the rest of your life with your best friend... Tacos and margaritas after always helps as well. 


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