What to do in Cabo San Jose & Cabo San Lucas

Endless beaches, crystal clear water, good food, great drinks… whats not there to do? Its no wonder why Cabo is a bustling travel destination and a must see on everyones list. With the surge of hotel and resort development, Cabo’s expansion is booming. Indulge in all you can eat and drink with a stay at The Royal Solaris. This resort has it all from amazing shows to member VIP lounges along with all you can eat buffets, this resort is ideal for families to experience a top of the line trip.

Royal Solaris Cabo
Cabo San Del Jose
Cabo San Jose weddings

Directly next door to the Royal Solaris in Cabo Jose Del Cabo is Cabo Azul Resort. This modern feat offers incredible top of the line architecture, the white marble steps are something one would expect to find in Greece. As luxurious as it is to lounge in the cabanas or float around near the swim up bar, the main attraction is the wedding venue overlooking it all. The ultimate wedding destination venue, El Corazon is the resort’s open-air wedding chapel complete with candlelit water walls. It provides the most romantic locale for exchanging vows and accommodates up to 125 guests. Overlooking the compelling surf of the Sea of Cortez, you can’t imagine a more romantic venue in all of Mexico. 

Cabo Azul Resort
Cabo Azul Resort
Sunset Cabo San Jose

Next stop on the list is a public beach, but is a hidden gem, called Punta Palmilla.  The entrance off of the main highway appears to be a resort entrance, with really no previous signage on the highway announcing it.  There are signs that say ‘Public Beach’ (Playa Publica). Continue down the road until you hit sand and gravel where you are able to park or be dropped off from the taxi.  Upon entering you drive down a prestigous sloping street with huge homes built along the hills surrounded by palm trees. This beach was not packed or filled with tourists, and offered coastline views for days! This is a great destination to swim and snorkel as the coastline bends offering calmer water than other parts of the Sea of Cortez.

Punta Palmilla
Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Lastly, as if you didn’t know it was coming. The arches. For boat trips to Lovers and Divorce Beach. Grab a boat from the harbor that takes you out to the middle of the ocean to see massive cliff walls that extend out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Upon safely returning from the swells on the opposite side of the arch, have the driver drop the anchor at Pelican rock as you snorkel along the coral reef. Cabo is home to some of the most diverse fish in the world and with the water clarity you are bound to see some of the most fascinating under water life there is to see.

Cabo San Lucas arch
Cabo arch