Roadtrips through the Desert

We recently ventured off to the desert for a recent engagement shoot in Anza Borrego State Park. There is honestly no better time to roam and explore the desert in our opinion than mid-march. It is nowhere near close to summer and just past the freezing winter months, with that said we arrived in the desert around 2pm to scope out a few places on our radar. While we are currently deep in editing mode from our recent shoot, it got us thinking back on a few of our previous road tips throughout the desert. Here is a look back on a few personal favorites to breakup our edits! Enjoy!

Being able to head out from our home at the beach and be in a total different ecosystem within hours is mind blowing to us. You can be catching waves along the coast, snowboarding in the mountains or wandering through the arid desert all within a couple of hours and is one of the reasons we love Southern California so much! As engagement photographers in San Diego we have the variety to shoot in some of the most incredible locations literally in the world! And is something we don’t take for granite! If you are passionate about traveling and looking for a destination wedding photographer or elopement photographer for your wedding, we would love to connect and see what ideas you have in mind. We love the flexibility photography offers and love being able to capture such an important day, all while having the ability to make our own personal trips out of it! So if you are visiting San Diego and looking for a local photographer, or out of state and looking for a wedding photographer we are able to meet or hop on a skype call to see how we can help with what you are looking for! Congratulations on your engagement and enjoy the planning!