Recent engagement feature on How They Asked

We are excited to be featured on How They Asked this morning. We featured Kyle and Linsey’s engagement on our blog here a few months ago, but here are a few details since it was just published again on their site!

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Kyle and I met through a mutual friend almost 4 years ago in summer 2015. We were just friends at first and we would hang out in group settings with in the park, at friends’ houses and in the mountains. We knew we had a lot in common but we never got the opportunity to hang out one-on-one since we were always in these large group settings. In February 2016, I was taking one of my students to go see Frozen on Ice because Frozen is her absolute favorite. Kyle thought it was so sweet that I was taking her and he offered to give me money to buy her a gift at the show from him. I reluctantly accepted the money and ended getting my student an Olaf souvenir from the show which absolutely made her night and I sent Kyle a photo to him as a thank you.


“We could both tell there was something special there after that night. A few weeks went by with some flirtation and group hangouts and then finally we decided we needed to be adults and have a conversation about what was going on between us.”


We ended up at a frozen lake called The Loch and it was absolutely stunning but also windy and cold! We were the only two at the lake and I took off my left glove to take a picture of the view. As I was about to put the glove back on and suggest that we bolt back down the mountain, Kyle said “you’re going to want to keep that glove off love”. He then got down on one knee in the snow and asked me spend the rest of my life with him. I, of course, said yes!

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Hi! We are Andy and Brittney, San Diego engagement photographers focusing on local and destination weddings throughout California and beyond. We have had the privilege of traveling to some of the most amazing places to capture one of the most important days in a couple’s life and are extremely grateful to be able to do this together. If you are recently engaged and searching for your engagement photographer, we would love to connect and see what ideas you have in terms of location. If you are looking to have a wedding, whether that be big or small, we would love to talk details with you about your vision and what kind of wedding you dream of having. From destination elopements to local, large weddings with family and friends we have been a part of capturing those special moments that will last a lifetime. This engagement session in the mountains of Colorado was so fun and unique, if you are looking for an epic location such as the Rockies, definitely hit us up!