Hidden Gems of San Diego

We have got the question quite often of what are some hidden gems in San Diego so we thought we would share our main insights for exploring the city. There are endless beaches up and down the coast to explore and incredible breweries throughout North County to Hillcrest and North Park. Take a look as we  break down our list for hidden gems by a few categories:

· Beaches: With over 1.3 million people living in San Diego it’s hard to pin point hidden gems in the city, but here are a few places to escape the crowds.

o Saint Malo Beach- Take the wooden stairs at Cassidy Street and walk along the beach aprox. A half mile south toward Carlsbad. With rocks and private homes behind you and the ocean to yourself this is one of the better spots to escape to in Oceanside.

o E Street, Encinitas- With most of the crowds heading to Ponto or Swamis (which are also incredible spots none the less) Park on E street and check out the waves from atop the dead-end street. To make your way down to the beach you can hop the fence and climb the cliffs down or take the stairs at D street and head south to avoid those at Moonlight Beach.

o North Bluff, Del Mar- between Del Mar and Solana Beach just off the 101 is a coastline that has some of the best views in San Diego. After parking in the residential homes, cross over the train tracks and you have an entire view of Torey Pines State Park to the south, and views of Solana Beach to the North.

· Islands: If you’re up for the adventure and have a day to head into the middle of the ocean make sure to check these islands out!

o Islas Coronado- Located about 15 miles off the coast of Point Loma there are four islands located off the Coast (considered Baja). Find a group of friends, schedule a boat tour and adventure out.

o Cortes Bank- This one is for the extreme gem seeker. This island is not considered a part of San Diego, but an island located aprox. 110 miles from the San Diego coast. If you are a surfer or big wave enthusiast, Cortes Bank is a must see. Waves that can reach upwards of 100 feet, and ocean floors that reach 1,000 feet, this spot is something else!

· Hikes: Sure there is Sunset Cliffs and Torey Pines but this post is for secret spots, here are a few to look into

o The Slot, Anza Borrego- canyons and tunnels that wrap through the desert as the cliffs are as narrow as three feet wide. The cliffs wind through the trails above a dry fall above the slot. Follow the steep looking trail from the parking lot that drops off the ravine.

o North Algodones Dunes- Insane! This spot is worth the drive if you are someone into sand dunes and natural wonders. Instead of heading out for a 6 hour drive to Death Valley, cut the trip in half and check out these dunes you won’t be disappointed

· Bars/Breweries:

o Caruth Cellars- If you are a wine drinker, this place is a great spot to relax and kick back with friends located in Little Italy. They grow their grapes in Napa and make the wine at their headquarters in Solana Beach.

o Hess Brewing- Located in North Park, this brewery offers great beers and a great vibe. There is tone of seating and the art on the walls is pretty sweet as well.

o Polite Provisions- Apothecary-esque bar offers craft cocktails & microbrews in a stylish, retro space with an atrium.

· Venues:

o Casbah- With how popular of a name this place is, I am surprised by how many people have never been here to see a show, let alone heard of it. Great place to see up and coming artists and get a real intimate performance.

o The Observatory- Also not necessarily considered a hidden gem, but there are great performers that come through that can be considered gems to go see. The venue is a decent size and is a great place to catch a concert and roam North park and explore more secret breweries

As always, let us know your thoughts and message us with any questions! 

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